24 янв. 2008 г.

The Navigator — 'Time' magazine on death of Dawson Trotman

Dawson Trotman clambered back into a motorboat one day last week after two hours of waterskiing on Schroon Lake, N.Y. He was dog-tired, but before he settled down he asked one of the two girls in the boat, Allene Beck, if she could swim; when she shook her head, he traded places with her so she would be in a safer spot. Minutes later the speeding boat bounced on a wave, and both of them, the 50-year-old man and the girl, shot into the water. He swam to her and held her head above water until the boat could circle back and she was hauled aboard. But as hands reached down to seize Trotman's hand, he sank out of sight.

So died Dawson Trotman, «the Navigator,» light and power of a movement that echoes the words of the Scriptures around the world.

More in the original article.

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